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As a single mom, I live in the bustling outskirts of downtown Nashville with my two kiddos, Jackson and Lucy. I’m a former educator of twelve years in the prestigious Williamson County School district where I taught primarily English III and AP Language and Composition.

For as long as I can remember, I have been passionate about writing and communication; from a young age I was avid reader, crafting my own stories in blank books. My senior English teacher unlocked a new passion for writing and inspired me to pursue Literature and writing in college, and in doing so, I was also inspired to help others foster a love of the written word. I believe that the most effective writing happens when writers are able to pinpoint and harness their own unique voice. Though I have left the physical classroom, I still enjoy helping students craft their own style and voice through the college application process.

Applying to college feels daunting and overwhelming, and it helps to have an advocate to consult and guide you in the process. Whatever your goals are, I can meet you exactly where you are and coach you through it!