How Long Will My Applications Take?

Once we begin work together, several factors will influence how quickly your applications can be completed:

  1. Amount of preparation ahead of time in determining your college list and major – I work with some clients who have perfectly created spreadsheets of all prospective schools, programs, and deadlines. As such, these clients usually require less time for applications because they have a clear plan and path already determined, and rarely do they deviate from it. Those who still are on the fence about schools and/or majors require more time for us to discuss and research all potential options.
  2. Your writing process – If you are one of those people who can sit down and freewrite continuously in one sitting, then knocking out the writing components of applications is much easier and time-effective. If your writing process takes longer, then naturally we will need more time to brainstorm, craft, and refine your writing pieces.
  3. Changing horses mid-stream – If you start out the process with a list of schools, then change many of them out for other schools as we are working together, it most certainly will increase the time needed to apply. With each school comes research on the different application components, new deadlines, and new requirements. If you have chosen schools with multiple writing or resume components, this easily tacks on several more hours just alone filling out those applications. There’s nothing wrong with adding schools to your list, but a complete overhaul will definitely alter our trajectory and target dates.
  4. Your schedule – Life happens. With the start of senior year, extra-curricular activities, family trips, and other obligations, it may delay the progress of your application process. It’s okay; as long as you can get them in by Fall Break at the latest, you still have the best shot at competitive admissions and scholarships.

Bottom line: be prepared from the onset and work your junior year to solidify these choices so the process is as seamless as possible! 


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