The Junior Year Final Push

Junior year is TOUGH.

I know because I was one, and I taught junior English for most of my teaching career. A full course load, ACT pressure, college searches…it’s by far the most stressful of any year in high school.

As such, many students push off thoughts of college applications out of sheer avoidance or procrastination because their plates are already so full. As a college coach, I cannot stress enough how detrimental that is to your college entrance trajectory.

Every bit of information that will go on your college applications will be solidified by the end of May. If you are smart about it, you’ll use your time in the summer to gather and create every necessary component so you can apply as soon as applications go live August 1. If there are gaps in your application, by then it will be too late to plug them. By then, it’s simply damage control.

Now is not too late to get started. I work with juniors to:

  • help evaluate their academic profiles to identify and rectify any gaps
  • prepare for Honor Society applications
  • diversify their resume and activities list
  • narrow college and program searches
  • develop their authentic writing voice in preparation for college essays

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming, but the preparation is necessary. Let me help you develop a customized plan to support you through the end of junior year and set you on the right (and easiest) path to your college applications!


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