Changing Lanes 2017-05-30T15:41:41+00:00


Authentic. Transparent. Fearless – this is how I approach all aspects of my life. This may seem daunting as a single mom of two small kiddos, one of whom has special needs. It hasn’t always been this way. Divorce is still the hardest and the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. I get a second chance at life – really living it on my terms. I love to travel often and push my limits living adventurously; I’ve developed a love for camping, hiking, kayaking, and wanderlust.

I’ve chosen to move forward, to embrace the new beginnings that life has thrown at me. I am a stronger, more empowered woman, a more in-tune mother, and a more committed friend. I set boundaries for what I will and will not accept in my life, and in doing so, my life is infinitely less complicated than before. This journey to self is messy, and it is hard – but it is beautiful on the other side if we lean into our pain and fear to embrace who we really are, even the imperfections.

I’ve walked a journey for years where I worked to please others. At this juncture in my life, I’ve allowed the tough circumstances of divorce and subsequently raising two small children as a single mom to shape me into a strong, empowered woman bent on living life fully and on my terms. A recovering Type-A control freak, I’m living to let go of the small things and focus my energy fostering positive connections instead.

Somewhere along the way, I lost my voice. I lost me, who I was, and my sense of self. I lost it in the roles I had and the hats I wore, because that’s what we do as women in both our careers and families – we serve others. I became who I thought everyone else wanted me to be, and at one point, I couldn’t identify anything about which I was passionate. What I’ve realized is that change comes to each of us in the form of difficult circumstances and transition. We have a choice to embrace that to find ourselves again, or we can rage against it in futility and spend our lives spinning in circles.

My writing started as a healthy outlet to process my emotions on the journey, and through it I found strength and solace in the stories of other women who have walked and are currently walking in my shoes. I believe in calling out the shame, pressure, and guilt we experience through divorce, and I am living proof that living authentically and spherically can bring about new beginnings that never before seemed possible.