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Hi there, I’m Lane Faulkner. I’m a College Coach who helps students mold and design their future. I’m also a writer specializing in women’s issues and stories.

RIK_1287On my better days, I’m navigating the waters of single parenting in the heart of urban Nashville, Tennessee with the loves of my life, my seven-year old son, Jackson, and my four-year old daughter, Lucy.

I live with a persistent case of wanderlust and make it a point to travel as often as possible. Up until about a year ago, I shunned the outdoors, dirt, and thrill-seeking, but now I’m an avid camper who finds peace and a sense of grounding in the outdoors, whether I’m hiking or kayaking.

To say that my divorce forced me to confront all the parts of me that were painful, disingenuous, and unsatisfying is an understatement. While it has been the hardest year of my life, exposing myself to my own truth has also brought the most rewarding year. I wake up each day intent on living with purpose and authenticity. I walk lighter and more free relinquishing control over people and things in which I never truly had control in the first place. And most of all, I live without fear – fear of taking risks, fear of others’ judgements, and fear of being honest with my own reflection in the mirror.

This journey to authenticity is hard but getting a second chance at living life, the right way, is worth it all!

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